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Photographer of people at the high points of their lives.

"Off Season" special price! October 20, 2011 through March 30, 2012 -- $1195 plus Virginia Sales Tax.

Wedding Photography

It's the most important day of your life. Get good pictures. I shoot a lot of weddings, but I never forget that this is the most important day in the lives of two people. Sometimes people ask me how much time I work on a wedding day. The answer is "from the time I wake up, until I take the last photo at the limousine and say "have a long and happy life together." Long before I arrive at where the bride is dressing, I am concentrating on making the best visual record I can of the day. My checklist items begin two days before the wedding. They begin with charging batteries and end with loading the car. The task is not to produce a product, but to create a treasure. That is the foremost thought in my mind the entire day.


bride and groom dancing

The "Off Season" special price that you see above includes everything you see below (in the next paragraphs).

This is no doubt what you came here for, and I must take this opportunity to point out something. Of all the things you spend money for on your wedding day, the only material things that endure the day are the rings and the photographs. You're not likely to wear that dress again. The venues (unless you had a home wedding) still belong to someone else. The flowers have returned to the dust whence they came. The DJ or the band have gone home. The less said about the food and drink, the better. That said, to simplify things, I have created a single, flat fee package** for the price of $1495 plus Virginia Sales Tax. This includes:

** Of course, there are exceptions to everything. Discounts and surcharges may be available or applicable. Discounts may be applied in cases of "off-season" dates, short planned duration of event, "intimate" guest list, active duty military personnel or veterans, emergency workers (fire, police, EMT), and public school teachers - in other words those who put themselves at risk for the general good. Surcharges would apply for travel expenses, and other things that add costs above those that are usual for me.

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